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  • First of all, Thank you to the LMPs for your collective efforts to work to the best way to exit from these contracts. Months ago, MC declared us to be an encumbrance to them. I wonder if that has resulted an any negative consequences for them. Have they had to throttle back strategies that could have moved them forward. They announced a cash offer a few months back, but it was thwarted by threats from a small group of investors. What did that cash offer look like? What are these legal threats about? Is it likely they will continue? Is it possible MC are mounting legal threats of their own directed as this small group so that we all can move on?
    I look forward to your next update
    James P Skow

    • James thank you for your comment.

      I, we understand everyone’s concern. There have been promises, rumors, emails, and much more that have not been addressed yet.

      We’ll try to uncover the real proposal and what is in it for us the investors and as a group decide what the best move forward should be.

      I always come back to the belief that we invested to make some money. It’s been a long time with no return. As a managing partner, I am dedicated more than ever to move this into some positive direction for everyone.

      Nothing moves quickly here, please be patient.

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