September 14

220 September (mid) Update


Update for the 220 wireless investors - September 2021

It's been about 45+ days since the last update. I was hoping to give some news beginning of September but better late than never.

Some good new and some bad news...

Bad news first -

I don't have details that I can confirm to share so it's more of the same...

Good news now!

We are expecting Metroconnect (MC) to make a public statement and have some news articles written about who they are and what they do.

This is good news because it's the beginning of their company being known for what they can do and customers should be flocking toward them.

Our liaison Lloyd who spoke with Lou (MC) says early October 2021 we should expect for MC to have some contracts with customers which means MC would have some revenue - Finally!

Due to activity with MC and some contracted clients there will be some public information that will be announced in some kind of public news report.


That is all I can give at this time however sometime October I will update everyone again.


220 Shareholder

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