February 1

Zero to Hero Launch: A Youtube channel start-up to Make Money From Anywhere


As I continue my online journey I have finally identified what I like to do and what I don't like to do.

What I do like is making videos, doing research, and playing a cat and mouse game to model what other successful people do. I have experience in funnel hacking, launch jacking, organic Facebook marketing, and now Youtube SEO.

What I don't like is someone telling me what I should be doing and being on their agenda.

I also want to add that I have spent years and thousands of dollars to get where I am today and it will still take some time, money, and effort on my part to get to the $17K a month I desire. Each day, week, month, and year has led me on a learning path of knowledge and experience on "how to" and I was able to find out really what I want. If you don't like what you're doing then stop and do something you enjoy! #epiclifestyle

What I like with this new "Zero to Hero" Youtube channel project is I have started basically from zero and I am documenting what I am doing and how long it will take to get to the $17K a month. 

Zero to Hero's ultimate vision is to help anyone who is willing become a Hero in their own life and a plan on how they can do it. 

Zero to Hero's channel has started out by picking a niche and getting subscribers so I can monetize the channel and place affiliate links in the description.

My niche for Zero to Hero at this time, January 2021, is the calm soothing audio's with pleasant video background. There is no talking by me or my face on screen at all.

Here are some of the videos I have posted so far:

Deep concentration for better studying, reading & working @ home

Enjoy relaxing deep focus music so you can concentrate for better studying, reading comprehension for memory and working at home. This deep music will help you focus on your studying, reading and working at home business for maximum productivity. Deep focus music can help you concentrate and eliminate distractions when studying for school, studying for an exam, studying while reading, or working at home projects where there are lots of distractions. 

Rain and Thunder sounds great for sleeping 

Enjoy these rain thunder sounds from Zero to Hero for sleeping that will give you relaxing natural nature sounds for better sleep & clear productive thinking. Rain and thunder sounds have always helped people relax and relieve stress for a better night sleep so they can have a more clear and productive thinking for the following day.

Relaxing Fireplace music for reading and relaxing

Enjoy relaxing fireplace crackling sounds! This cracking burning fireplace features crackling fire sounds that are ideal for deep sleep, relaxation, meditation and studying. Perfect for peaceful meditation and reading a book or even studying with a warm cup of your favorite beverage like coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or adult beverage. Let your mind drift into your imaginative world while reading a great novel, suspense, mystery, or maybe being creative writing your own book.

Learn Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, & Theta waves

Alpha wave music for studying

Lower your stress with this video

Relaxing music with nature sounds

5 Minute Stress Relief music starting at Beta waves ending with Alpha waves.

Video coming soon


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