July 16

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  • If there exists the possibility of recovering the initial investment on the locations we participated in, I would personally accept that and move on. If the anticipated return would be less than that, there would appear to be no choice but to go with the 2nd option. To me, the third option would guarantee only another protracted period of uncertainty and make consensus that much more difficult.

      • I concur with McDonald Plummer Jr. I have 3.5 licenses. Passive income based on what the licenses should be able to generate when monetized, would be acceptable to me (and my estate). At the rate this project has been moving, I’m hopeful it will start paying off before my grand kids are old enough to use it. Full refund of my investment would be acceptable also… and I would move on.
        I do not feel that we should think that we can do much better at monetizing the licenses then Metro Connect, which most likely has access to much more money and more knowledgeable people and industries that need and know how to monetize the licenses….
        Also which of us would want to try to work with 220 licenses plus hundreds more individual partners?? Taking back my licenses would be my very last option.
        Having an appraisal as soon as possible would help me determine the value now and what it would be when monetized. That would help me make a decision on the best option for me. I don’t know how to make a valid decision without the facts…. although here I am…. How did I get here?…. I still think Spectrum licenses are very valuable. Unfortunately the upper management was not acting as fiduciaries. They did not fulfill their promises and responsibility to their investors, us. They grabbed the money and split.
        Peter Komfolio
        626 255-6000

        • Peter, I understand…

          …the managing partners believe getting paid soon looks a lot better and feasible than in the past years. We, the managing partners, believe the technology and niche is in a better spot to make some money.

        • Jeff, the managing partners would like your answer by July 26, 2021.

          I understand you want more information etc, which we all do but don’t have it yet.

          The purpose of the survey is to find out “what you would like”, nothing is permanent even if there is a 100% on option 2 to stay on the bus with metro connect.

          We’re exploring a valuation of our license to get a feel of where we are at, but also want to know what our payments or payouts could be with MC in the short run and long run.

          • i need a password to check into some of the conversation going on. here is hoping we can move forward and cash out or receive a monthly income for as long as we have hung on on these suppose, lucrative investments thinking back of the sales person in 2008 . bill

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