July 1

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  • There is not enough info for me to totally choose an option, how much money would I need to put out to get an appraisal. I’m in the Denver area. And two how much passive income are we talking about potential over time. And three hmm I did half a license, at $7500 so do I receive the full $7,500 or more or less.
    Oh and after appraisal it doesn’t mean we have a buyer right . So hmm I would be more inclined to see what companies are offering. Because that IMO is more important.
    But I am inclined to just get my $7,500 out and move on.

    • All the managing partners understand your thoughts. There is not enough info to make a permanent decision however we will be updating this project and having more answers, maybe not complete answers but more answers than we have had in the past.

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