January 26

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220 Sept 2023 Update

220 Sept 2023 Update
  • Hi George and our very capable leadership:
    I wish to retract and apologize for my comments Feb 09. They were inappropriate and disrespectful. It simply was a moment of frustration for me. Clearly you are doing a great job keeping the partnerships informed, just the messenger. It takes time and effort. Thank you. Our leadership are representing us as best as they can. As Lloyd has pointed out in the past, we are not MC shareholders so MC is not compelled to disclose “private” information. Clearly some of that info has not been reliable such as their exit strategy announcement July 2018.
    The best we can do is hope some of their success rubs of on us in the sometime not too distant future.
    How I wish I had broken fingers sometime.

  • I am an investor with 3.5 units. I am also a member of 220 wireless group…. I misplaced or lost my password so can anyone help me to get back in and reset the password.
    Peter Komfolio
    626 255-6000 cell

  • Hi George, I am not an guest! I’ve tried signing up but have been unsuccessful, don’t know why. I am an investor from the same timeframe as you. This latest update makes me mad as hell, I’m sure others as well.
    Bottom line for me is that Metro Connect will keep kicking our ass down the road as long as we don’t turn around.
    They have boldly admitted breaching every contract with the Gh Partnerships, yet it seems to be accepted as just another “OH Well”. Millions of dollars are at stake, where else would this passive attitude exist? Clearly they are the bully of the school yard and it certainly is working for them. I think we have had more than our fair share of their mushroom treatment. I believe there should be an opportunity for the tail to wag the dog just a little.
    I’m curious what CEO of a private company investing cash into MC would think it is a good idea that the owners and staff @ MC get to go to the trough first knowing full well that MC has outstanding contracts they have breached seemingly carefree?

  • yes thanks George its been quit few Februarys where some thing should have happen hope this one 2022 , does thanks again bill

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