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220 Sept 2023 Update

220 Sept 2023 Update
    • Fred, I don’t have any new news…

      I was hoping that the beginning of the week I would have heard something so I could leave a better comment here.

      I am expecting news this week and when I get it I will post for everyone.

      Thank you for contributing here.

    • Fred, we all understand and there are really only 3 people who can answer this. Lou from MC talks to Lloyd weekly then I get an update… Update is always “we’re getting close!” and then another month goes by.

      Good news is we still have conversation going and if there is a true buy out from MC and an investor, I’m sure they’re not on “our” timeline, they are on “their” timeline so it works best for them… we’re just a detail.

  • July 4 2022 or 2023 Same old verbage and No money in the bank .. Soon can’t come soon enough .. Remember Freedom isn’t Free Happy 4th

    • Fred I understand and we all hear ya. Something is getting close, just hang in there a another week for a substantial update.

        • Fred, I thought I had replied to this earlier. We’re not on hold, we’re patiently waiting for something in writing from Metroconnect. Yes it should have happened 2nd week of June and now it’s the 4th week.
          I understand, we’re all on edge like you are, only difference with the managing partners is we will get the news a little sooner than the investors.

          • George…Now that I am retired and the age at which I need to start taking distribution from IRA holding, how would this be done with this investment. Hopefully we will all be able to make something above our initial investment sooner then later.

          • Edward, lets take the “hopefully” to “positively”, retirement will be better once we all get this finished.

    • Yes there has been some chatter… We’re expecting a preliminary outline of what an offer can look like…

      …This should be in June some time, then if everything goes as planned we’ll have some numbers in July

    • Fred, remember we’re only the messenger at this time…
      …latest news is we’re told we’re going to get numbers in June, so if you can keep an eye out we’ll give it when we get it.

      BTW, which city do you own shares in, and has someone contacted you in the last 2 weeks to verify contact info?

    • Fred, we’re all waiting for what’s next, it’s been going on for some time… We are expecting some news in May so please keep watching for the next email with an update.

    • Phil… this has taken so long normally it would make sense to not believe it.

      But… The owners and leadership team started the Fed-Ex barcoding scanning years back so they know what they are doing. Some of our managing partners have physically met the leadership at MC. MC continues to answer their phone and talk to us. As a license holder, the griffin hill group owns 13 licenses, MC holds over 400+ so they’re doing something.

      The evidence adds up to they know what they’re doing and they have something they’re working on. It’s secret because of proprietary technology and money so they don’t tell us anything.

  • Is there the slightest suggestion what direction they might be leaning toward? Cash out? Marketable shares? Or, ownership interest which might throw off income periodically?

    • Great questions… first I’m not a finance guy but here is what has been talked about

      MC is a private company and there will be shares that have a dollar value.

      The shares will be at least partially immediately liquid and if someone wants out there should be an opportunity to exchange the shares for money.

      Also, some investors may want out faster than and may be given the opportunity to sell their shares privately to another current investor.

      • Hello George,
        We are at the beginning of June , has there been any real movement with a buyout of the partners.
        And if so which locations ?
        Has there been any payments made to any partner as the sites begin to generate income?

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