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  • George, I appreciate you for doing your best to keep us updated. I guess what I fear most, since I own just one share of Seattle Metro Wireless, AND since I never receive any communication directly from any one on the MC team, is that I will somehow get overlooked when a distribution of funds finally happens. Is that a possibility, or am I just being paranoid? Thanks again for your efforts.

    • Richard, when we get to the distribution of funds, this will be done on a “per city” basis, meaning if you’re in Seattle there will be someone dedicated to Seattle. What we believe we’re going to do is hire a legitimate accounting and escrow firm that will make all the distributions fair, and if a shareholder info is not correct or updated we’ll work on it to make it right.

  • Am I understanding that they need to reach a settlement with the partners before they begin soliciting, or accepting larger cash investments from other sources?

    • Mac, I believe there is a lot going on at metroconnect. There are many people who founded MC and have invested a lot of money in their company, they want to get paid also along with a successful profitable business.

      MC is looking for a small number of investors to satisfy the founders, their growth and us. The legal team at MC is working on how this will all work out and we are not the only thing going on there, they are busy.

      From what I understand, but not 100%, the MC team is doing their best for what they believe is their long term success and where we can finally benefit from this project.

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