September 6

220 September Update


220 Update for September

It's been another month and I have not delivered any news yet.

We, Lloyd our managing partner and Lou from Metroconnect talk about once a week and I get updates from Lloyd.

As in the past we get told information that we can not pass on because first we don't have anything in writing still, and second MC is a new growing company that has a lot to do and there are many pans in the fire.

The project still sounds very optimistic but we've all heard this before.

I am dedicated to you, the investors, to give an update each month regardless of what I know or don't know.


MC has asked us to have only one person for the main contact.

Apparently at least one partner/investor has been contacting MetroConnect asking questions that do not help our project.

As a result of these unwanted contacting activities, MC has been shy to give us more details which is one reason we don't have good updates.


220 Shareholder

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  • As I see it , from my point of view, after having tied our investment up for six years MC, 3 things need to happen soon.
    1. Buy us out
    2. Release us from our agreement
    3. I need to sell my units to another partner

    • Shirley, we all understand are in the same boat. I have been in since 2007.

      I’m asking to be patient for a couple more weeks and we should find out where the timelines are.

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