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Make Money Online – 8 Tips To Stay Motivated For Success!


Make Money Online... How To Stay Motivated...

Here are 8 tips to stay motivated to make money online. If you have a home based business and get distracted or wanting to earn more and be more efficient you are in the right place.

Your business, especially affiliate marketing is like a fire, first you have to start it, second keep feeding it, once it's burning hot it will cook your meals so you can reap the rewards. You can then borrow a burning stick and start another fire somewhere else (an additional business).

In the "Make Money Online" industry staying motivated is like keeping the fire burning. A lot of times it's easy to start the fire, we just buy another program, we get excited, we dig in to the modules and learn, but then the fire goes out, we lose our motivation.

Here are some possible reasons you can work on to keep the fire burning and stay motivated:

  1. Your Why... Why are you pursuing online marketing (why do you want this fire to burn)?
  2. Distractions everywhere... usually someone else's agenda, not yours (walk away from a small fire and it goes out fast)!
  3. Goal is unrealistic to start... all fires start small.
  4. Belief... do you believe that you can be successful (do you think wet wood can burn, or does it have to dry out first)?
  5. Tired and Exhausted... overthinking, not enough sleep, lacking mental clarity (can burnt wood, or ash, continue to burn)?
  6. Fear... Fantasized Emotions Appearing Real (fire is hot, don't touch it)!
  7. Bad unhealthy habits... take care of your responsibilities. (fires need to be stoked and cared for). 
  8. Impatient... building something too fast usually falls down fast and hard. (throwing big logs onto a small fire won't do it).

Your Why... Why are you pursuing online marketing?

Every new marketer sees the online industry an easy quick way to make a small fortune. It's not easy, it's hard and takes some time. 

Maybe you have heard "your why needs to make you cry", which is a bunch of BS!

Think of where and what you want to be doing in a few years from now. It's not "pay my bills"

Maybe you want to be part owner of a golf course or scuba diving resort... Think of that!

Distractions... Everyone wants you to do something for them!

This should shed a lot of light on the current situation. 

In my life my friend needs help moving, my wife wants me to drive her somewhere, my son wants to make paper airplanes, etc... These and more are frequent distractions where my business seems to come last.

What are some other distractions? Will they move the online business forward? Are they money making activities?

The goal is unrealistic. Remember the fire? All fires start out small.

This is where some thinking and grounding expectations here. Nobody has made it without time and hard work.

Keeping the end in mind, the goal, what is the real goal? Pay bills? buy a new car? vacation? or just stay ahead of the bill collectors? 

There is an old saying, "how does an ant eat an elephant?... One bite at a time".

Start small with $100 per month and work backwards on what needs to happen to earn that. 

Once you hit the small goal, add another small goal to that, eventually you will see your efforts double!

Belief, what you believe is true

I love this one and tell my 5 year old son this one all the time. 

He keeps on saying something is hard and I reply "it's only hard if you think it's hard".

Most of the time our beliefs which are based on past experiences have paved our future. 

If we believe we can ride a bike, because we have done it before, this is easy and true.

As my 5 year old learns to ride a bike, he starts out scared and falls a few times. This experience cements his belief that he may fall.

The idea of believing in yourself is all in the mind... humans have gone to the Moon, and soon Mars!

Tired and Exhausted

In today's world we are overworked and stressed which causes us to have all kinds of anxiety.

We can't sleep, eat, or do what is important with any peace of mind.

Going to bed early or sleeping late does not help.

I like meditation, usually guided meditation that tells me what to do and it keeps my mind off of the distractions of the day. This is my latest guided meditation click here.

Imagine making some success and earning some extra dollars, this will get you motivated which is the opposite of tired and exhausted without any extra sleep! 

Think of the last time you were super excited about something...


The fantasized emotions appearing real comes so often.

Asking for something creates anxiety that prevents us from taking that step into the unknown based on the fear of them saying no.

Someone just did a study in New York where on a bus where a perfectly healthy person asks someone who is sitting if they can have their seat. 70% gave up their seat without any reason at all.

Building an online business there are fears of is it good enough? Will anyone buy? What if it does not work?"

This "FEAR" thing is all in the mind based on past experiences.


I love habits... reason being is what I have done in the past will give me an estimate of the future.

I like ice cream at night and when I don't have the ice cream my brains tells me to have some, and you know what happens after that.

Recently in my online business I have been doing some "Launch Jacking" where I find new products that are being launched to the market and I "Hijack" the sale from other people. 

Launch Jacking developed a habit for me, I started to do the same thing every day and soon a habit became permanent and became an additional source of income. You can explore "Launch Jacking" here.

Taking your goal into consideration and breaking it down into simple small pieces, doing the same thing over and over will develop habits which as long as they are money making activities you will move your business forward.


Most people including myself are really impatient.

I want my business to succeed now, I want to earn now!

Back to the fire... big fires always start out small.

There is no way around this but to believe you can have what you want, your goal successfully attained.

A good exercise is to write down one or two things that make you impatient, like waiting at a doctors office, or inline at the store, or the mail man with an exciting expected delivery.

When you identify an event that makes you impatient ask "why am I impatient?"

What are the past experiences or habits that make you feel this way?

Let's use this to your advantage to be "Mindful" of how you are thinking.

If you want some more info on "Mindfulness" click here for 50+ page PDF.

There is an old saying "Good things come to those who wait"...

...just make sure the money making activities are getting noticed and people see your stuff, and ask for the sale!


Make Money Online

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