December 13

Make Money Online… 10 Steps to Massive Success and Conquer Passive Income in 2021


10 Steps for successfully making money online from home in 2021. Recurring income can allow anyone to live the perfect day which means having more time, more energy, and more money to allow a lifestyle of freedom most people just dream about.

Providing a legacy of financial security from making money online in  has an unlimited amount of benefits that open doors of opportunities so you can follow your dreams and provide more choices for family, friends, organizations, and passions.

So you want to make money online in 2021… maybe you have already tried and were not successful, quit, failed, or possibly never even got started.

Desire - Why are you thinking of a business? Is it possible you want more money, passive income, more freedom, more choices, maybe you don’t like your job, or there is more month left after all the paychecks are spent? Are you tired of saying “I can’t afford it”!?

Let’s say you desire to make more money and start a business from home so you can live your perfect day with passive income. You have surfed the net, watched some videos and not sure if you believe it’s true or that you can do it. Maybe you believe they are lucky or you just don’t know how yet. 

Belief - What you believe is true… If you think making money online is hard or impossible then you are right. Changing your belief to “I can do it” is all you need. There is an old saying “How does an ant eat an elephant?... One bite at a time.” (National Geographic has proved a video on this!) 

Mental Suggestions - Everyone makes mental suggestions to themselves… Do you ever get an idea in your mind and you keep telling yourself over and over that you convince yourself to do something? Like buying a new car? You tell yourself the new car will get better gas mileage, safer, I’ll have more social status, etc… and you have “convinced yourself” to buy a new car.

The mental suggestions that you tell yourself can either light your fire and you start making money online in 2021 business or you talk yourself out of starting your business, the choice is yours and it all starts in the brain on what you tell yourself.

Specific Knowledge - “Knowledge is Power” says Thomas Jefferson. To do well earning money online from home, we need a money making idea, then some education to learn what to do with the idea, then practice what we have just learned. With practice comes experience followed by mastery and income.

Let’s say you decided to start an online business from home and it will be time to learn and gain specific knowledge so you know what to do and when to do it. Kind of like a roadmap to success, follow the map and blueprint.

Imagination - My favorite… close your eyes and imagine... “How would it feel if you had passive income deposited in your bank account week after week?”  Would it feel fantastic? Joyful? A relief of stress? ...Imagine all the possibilities that can be unlocked, all your desires being met… and much, much more!

The imagination is real powerful and controls most of our thoughts and feelings. Being afraid of something is just the imagination telling you what it thinks, not necessarily true with facts, just your imagination. Here we want to use our imagination to design our perfect day with passive income. Imagine what your life would be like, your perfect day, and never having to worry or be stressed about how the bills are going to get paid.

Planning - There is an old saying that if you fail to plan you are planning to fail. This step is planning your business, what’s first, second and so on. It’s your game plan. How are you going to attack and win? What is the end result in a few years from now? Planning is necessary.

Your business will need a plan, a map, a list of things to do to make progress. When planning is done correctly your business will be easily broken down into small achievable steps. When steps are small and you achieve just one, even the first step, that is a success. We’ll talk more about successes later.

Decision - You will ask yourself many times “Is this building an online business from home for me?” There is a “Risk for Reward” ratio where if the risk is high and reward is low you will say no (High investment and low revenue). As the opposite if the risk is low and the reward is high you say yes (Low investment and high revenue).

Decisions will be made along the entire journey and will never stop. Our brain makes so many decisions every second. For your business there will be some investments, money and time required often. When you find the right business for you, make that decision and go for it. If not now then when?

Persistence - If you truly desire passive income, you need to pursue it, chase it and never give up until you have caught it. Everyone gets passive income if they don’t quit. Persistence can be a rough one especially if there are some setbacks. Keep your eye on the prize and keep going. Every successful business has challenges, setbacks, and of course wins. There are wins and you deserve them!

Mastermind - Most successful entrepreneurs have at least one person to talk to. You will need help during your online business journey and if you can find at least one real person to talk to and bounce ideas, successes, challenges, and especially emotions off of this should keep you in the game.  

The mastermind is often overlooked as people starting a business will often think they can do everything and when they get stuck they quit. This is where the mastermind comes in handy, talk it out, you are not the first or only one having the problem.

Action - An online business will not build itself… Sitting around hoping or wishing will not give you passive income. Small bite size pieces (ant eating elephant) is all you need, over and over. Action is necessary, period! Money loves speed so taking action is vital even at the start.

Many people including myself have had paralysis by analysis meaning I overthink or need to make it perfect before I move forward and produce. Pareto (philosopher) stated the 80/20 rule where 80% of your money will come from 20% of your efforts. This 80/20 rule applies everywhere, so just take action like Nike says “Just Do It!”

Looking for a business? Here is a legit online business with all the 10 steps from above: 

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