November 17

How To Let Someone Fall


We all need to fall...

My 5 year old keeps falling when he's running outside. 

I keep telling him to pay attention and I see where and how he's going to fall. 

I try to watch it but then SMACK he goes down, crying and bleeding.

So I think to myself this is an experience that only my son can learn from, no matter what I say he's probably already made his mind up.

Heck I don't want to listen to anyone.

As I was watching my son make a mess in the kitchen melting M&M's, I just remain quite and observe.

It's amazing what I can learn from a 5 year old - no fear, and just keeps on going, experimenting, and learning from his mistakes.

Thinking of my marketing career, which I'm an engineer by trade, I really believe I suck at marketing.

I have take many courses to learn this and learn that with all kinds of knowledge but no experience until I actually crashed and burned.

Now there are people out there selling advice and that is exactly what I was doing to my son, but hoping to get paid in currency of less accidents and a kid who is more aware by being the observer.

Back to marketing I found my spot after 5 years in the online scene and after all the bloody scrapes I determined what I am committed to is what is solely important to me. Meaning I have to enjoy it, I have to want to do it, and do it for free if I like.

I have wants, needs, goals, hobbies, mental stability, and everyone in my reach to have the same.

Now don't forget it's your choice, so think of that.

I have never liked working for someone, it's always been on my own, and on occasion a partner to form a business with. (and wife of course!)


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