September 25

Belief, Passion, and Knowledge, But Without Experience You Are Dead!


What you believe is true...

...because when we believe something we know it's true, regardless of what other people tell me.

I don't like to listen to advice and my past shows it. My ego has always told me I was always right... and much more!

Today I have learned to be more of the observer and learn from those who have experience. 

Asking more questions has changed what comes out of my mouth. Instead of telling someone what to do I ask what they think they should do.

Regardless of what you may believe, or you are passionate about, or even how much knowledge you have, nothing beats experience.

Think about something you are very good at and you can teach almost anyone to do what you do, as long as that person listens.

In marketing we all say that we watched the training but we have problems implementing it.

This is where someone with experience can take your hand (as long as you have good access to them), and show you the way.

I found Aris and it was game over!


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  • Wow! this was a great insight.
    I read this article then went to work and started asking more questions, from there I learned more. I found out that my boss has more problems than I do.
    Thanks for the tips George ;)

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