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  • Is there any possibility of recovering the $250K we advanced so quickly. It is clear that the &250K is all they were interested in. No interest in moving us forward, they didn’t have the resources to do so anyway. Has this issue been something the LMP’s have considered. We didn’t receive a penny of value

    • Update… there is a test “pilot” in one of the cities being set up right now. This will give us some real data on what works and what does not. This will also give us an idea on what customers are willing to pay and scale to a profitable business. That is all I have right now.

  • Both of my parents have passed and I am the lone surviving heir. They own interest in LA metro and San Antonio market. I have reach out to Lloyd Wentworth through both email and phone but haven’t received any reply. I don’t know who is the managing partner for San Antonio. I need to start a process of transferring any interest from my parents name into my name. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Alan Welsh

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