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Update from November 26, 2020

This was previously in an email sent:

Hello, it has been too long for an update...

The managing partners (MP) have continued to work on a solution so we can all get paid and it is the same story and we keep waiting.

I am always optimistic and I don't believe this will turn into a zero for any of us.

so I ask to just hang in there, please, and stay healthy, and stay in contact with me.

Below is an update from one of the managing partners who has the best information as of November 24th, 2020.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Forwarded Message:



MetroConnect has informed us that they have reached an agreement with a third party that will be investing money with MC in return for stock in MC. The investing party will also want to buy out various “encumbrances” including our partnerships. MC says that we will receive a cash buyout offer within the next 45 to 60 days. At present we have no additional information on the offer. We do not know if it will be an offer to all the partnerships, to each partnership separately or an offer for each contract we have with MC. We do expect to see some more detail from MC as we go forward.

When we receive an offer, it will be submitted to the partners. By the terms of the partnerships, this will be done by registered mail. This makes it imperative that we have an accurate mailing address for each of you. Please answer this email with your current mailing address. Please give me an address—do not tell me that it has not changed. If any of your other contact information has changed, please let me know that.