December 9

Protected: 220 Dec 2023 Update


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  • so, what has been done about the information supposedly that has been collected by the end of January? Any comments or outcomes??

  • I’m part of the Atlanta group. Can someone please give an update on what is going on with our assets. Are we trying to market them to someone on city by city basis or as a nationwide network? Is there a known value? Thank you

  • George

    I am trying to get my Fair Market Valuation (FMV) done for Quest IRA and it is overdue. I have contacted managing partner James Gray twice about this with no response yet. Please advise.

  • Does anyone know what the ownership percentage is for the different markets we “own”? Would be nice for this investor group to get a list of cities and our collective ownership position. Not by individual investors, but in a group manner to see what we have as a bundle. Who would have that information? Surely the council of managing partners? For example, do investors own 25% of the Seattle market? 50%? 75%? 100% We will have more leverage if we work together. The first step is quantifying what we all own so we can present a bundled package to an interested party.

    • We know what licenses and cities they correspond to. it is possible there are other similar 220 mHz licenses that may be in the same city but cover different geography.
      We don’t know what percentage of our license may cover but I’m sure someone could figure that out. I am not the one to do that.
      I’ll bring the question up next time I speak to the two people who are setting up service in the test cities.

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