Discover How You Can Live “Your Perfect Day” With Passive Income

Helping stay at home dads live their perfect day, every day, without worrying about money by helping them start and run a successful online business part time from home.

why work with GEORGE?

...Imagine loving what you do every day...

...making money while you are doing it...

...and smiling all the way to the bank!


There are patterns on why 95% of people don't finish something. 

Once you identify the pattern, find the behaviors that link to that pattern and change the behavior. 

Design new behaviors that allow success to be easy, natural, and fulfilling.

Design & Development

Everybody says they don't have any idea of what their perfect day may consist of.

Defining what is important and what the desires are is the first step.

If you are not enjoying what you are doing, you are setting yourself up for failure right from the start.

Marketing & Target

Everyone says they can't sell anything...

...I still say that, however that is what I'm doing now, selling you on yourself and what you can do, what you must do.

For you we will find and design your perfect life, based on what you want to do and make a market that fits you.

You'll love it!

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Testimonial from Marie - small business owner

Wow! this was a great insight.
I read this article then went to work and started asking more questions, from there I learned more. I found out that my boss has more problems than I do.
Thanks for the tips George ;)

Will Stephens

A great journey in learning affiliate marketing. Gave me the tools to take things further. The endless possibilities: ideas, people, products The connections you make. You cannot make these kind of connections as a 'normal' newbie affiliate marketer. It takes years!

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