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I have always loved helping people...

As far as I could ever remember, probably before 10 years old, I loved projects and helping my friends.  Even in college I would help others with their homework before mine.

Today, I'm a business person.  And I'm here to help, you name it, if you're are in a challenge, just ask me and I'll help brainstorm.  I love results and making money.​

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I have known George for several years now, I had first met him at his shop in Mesa AZ.  George as a business owner is very professional, respectful and has a genuine relationship with his customers.  I have the honor of becoming close friends with George, his attributes of his business also carry on to his personal relationships outside of the working environment giving the same genuine care and respect to family, friends and strangers. It's a pleasure to know George.

Nick Wheeler 
Blue Northern HVACR

Hi, my name is Dr. McCorvey. I've known George for five years and he is a very astute and caring businessman. He's very successful in his pursuits.

Dr. McCorvey 

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